About the Book


Bringing Up Mother by Beverley Johnson, religious fiction

In Kindergarten, I learned about God through Bible stories, and decided I want to be a Bible person, too. I don’t like spirits, so I’m going to be, “Bev, The Spirit-Fighter.”  I gave God directions to my home then went home each day to wait for Him at my gate to come help me fight spirits. God never showed up.

In primary school, I wanted to be the mother of an orphanage, but my chores at home increased as I grew. I hate housework, so I plan to run away to Hollywood, California, to become a cowboy, riding over hills and valleys and plains until I can’t hear my mother’s voice calling me to do housework. I made a deal with God: I will be a good girl in exchange for His helping me to escape to Hollywood, as soon as I get my breasts. (I need my breasts to convince the Jamaican Immigration Officers that I’m an adult who can travel alone). This plan didn’t pan out, either.

In my teens, I became a nightclub and a party girl, with an eye for fashion and all that goes with that lifestyle. Then, guess who shows up at my home? I tell Him I’m too young to do His work, and ran back to the nightclubs, hoping to escape.

Come with me on my relentless pursuit to find God as a child, then as I meet Jesus face to face as a teenager, only to rebel and run. My story comes full circle as God unfolds my beautiful Bible story, from kindergarten to adulthood – a story bigger and better than I could ever ask or imagine.

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